Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photochromic Lens Intelligence Technology

The Ozone Depletion causes the U.V. Rays from the sun to penetrate our atmosphere, and causes many radiation related deseases. One of the most familiar desease is  the  "CATARACT". Over exposure to sunlight may cause the lens of the human eye to hardened and accumulate pigmentation, a grayish color throughout the Crystalline Lens of the human eye.

Zalvaje Eyes' 3 years of product research and development  bring us the most innovative and up to date technology, The Photochromic lens Intelligence will give us the complete protection from harmful U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays. With its special properties, light reaction depending on the amount of U.V. rays in the atmosphere, the PLI will adjust its tint, from the lightest, to medium and to the darkest shade. Blocking the rays from the human eye. From prescription glasses, to casual fashion, to the sports collection, wether your an office person, outdoor person or even the most extreme sports person, we have the right sunglasses for you. Check our PLI collections in our product lists and choose the best pair for you. 

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