Sunday, March 24, 2019

New Artist Endorser signed management contract with Solaristudio™

After months of negotiation, finally Solaristudio film, music & events production has signed a management contract with our new brand endoser starting this year. We will be announcing the artist's name soon.

Solaristudio™will be producing their original songs and new songs written this year. The said albums and singles will be available at , record bars and spotify.

The artist's original songs will also be used as soundtracks for our upcoming, video commercials and full length films produced by Solaristudio™.

Watch out for our new Artist Endorser to be launch soon!

Friday, November 9, 2018

CEITEX MANILA 2018 sponsored by Zalvaje™ Outdoors

Zalvaje™Outdoors from design, manufacturing process, website applications, online purchases to item transit deliveries. Our team always use electronics and information technology to serve our customers with accuracy and precision. Together with our corporate partners, work transaction flows around the globe become smooth through IT with specific web applications designed for daily task.

We have sponsored CEITEX MANILA 2018, because we truly believe the power of IT. This new event partners are the new economic boosters for the new generation.

This event also stages our new Zalvaje™Backpacks and Trekking Sandals launching. Showcasing the outdoor innovations designed by our manufacturing engineers. From Zalvaje™Outdoors Team, we want to congratulate the CEITEX MANILA team for organizing this very successful consumer electronics and information technology exhibit.

SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!  @zalvaje_outdoors

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Savano Park Auto Show 3

Savano Park Auto Show 3 once again proved that they can elevate the car show industry in the Philippines. We congratulate the organizers, sponsors, car motor entry participants, models, SJDM Bulacan Municipal office and all the crew who work hard 24 hours to make this event successfull.

We feel that we still need more adrenaline rush with chaotic car stereo sounds, we are eager to document Savano Park Auto Show 4 upcoming soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

History in the making

History Con Manila 2018 was a successful event last August 10-12, 2018 at World Trade Convention center Manila. A historical event showcasing History Channel's cable shows like Ancient Aliens, Ride & Seek. The program also pay tribute to Philippine historical celebrities like Aga Muhlack, Sharon Cuneta, Lea Salongga, Christopher Deleon, Jessica Soho and more. The event was also supported by major sponsors from different corporate industries. From entertainment, shipping, Arts and crafts, Anime Artists, Top Brands and manufacturing corporations.

Zalvaje™Outdoors as one of the major sponsors, we've managed to create John Lennon Edition Eyewear just 1 week before the event. This edition was displayed during the three days event and many visitors were amazed and remembered the iconic musician as well as his band the Beatles.

John Lennon Edition Eyewear is available  in-stores and online. Just visit . We're always in support of musicians and we literally love all genres of music. We want to congratulate the organizers Global link, A & E, Viva Entertainment and History Channel network for making this extra-ordinary event this year. Looking forward for History Con Manila 2019


Zalvaje on Cinderella Stores

Cinderella nationwide stores now one of our pool of authorized stores showcasing Zalvaje™Sunglasses this August. As a fashion store giant we grew up with since the 90's. This new partner is close to our hearts and we're very glad and more than happy to work with their team.

This August and Ber months, expect the latest sunglasses editions in their stores and their sales team will be on stand by to assist you. For more update details, go to Zalvaje Eyes, @zalvaje_outdoors and

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The number one travel company in the land

Travel Now Asia our new travel partner and we're working together to promote our products and services. There will be new promos with Zalvaje Outdoors that will bring color during your tours. 

As we all know since 2011, our line of products were designed for outdoor sports and travel. And this time, our marketing team decided to collaborate with TNA to provide new travel concepts for local and foreign travellers in and out of the Philippines.

Check Travel Now Asia sites at the following 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Agaw Agimat joining the power cast

The Agaw Agimat punk rock band joining the power cast of Zalvaje™ Endorsers 2018. With their sunglasses edition to be launch this July, and will be available online. The new sunglasses will be also available at their upcoming gig venues that will be announced in our FB page.

If you're really a punk rock supporter, get your Zalvaje™Agaw Agimat Edition Sunglasses and at the same time support the band members.

For more details on the sunglasses launching visit Agaw Agimat FB page, Instagram/zalvaje_outdoors &