Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zalvaje Eyes on Chris Sports Boracay

Zalvaje Eyes Eyegear is now available at Chris Sports Shop Dmall station 2 Boracay Island Philippines. Celebrating the island Octoberfest, this is our first launch and concentrating on the island's outdoor activities. Anticipating the increase of volume of local and foreign tourists, we have prepared our line of eyewear collections to cater the needs and protect the individuals vision during their stay at the island. Expect not only the items displayed at the shop but a series of events are being drawn by the ZE Team, in and out of the Metro. We are still gearing up for the upcoming product launch in Metro Manila. The Team is just waiting for the  renovations being done by our retailers stores.

ZE Display Module ( Front View )

ZE Display Module ( Side View )

Vicinity Map

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zalvaje Eyes on Comedy Bar

Hosts: Allan K, Eugene Domingo and Fabio

The Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses teamed up with the Comedy Bar show at GMA 7 last February 5, to show our support to the said evening show and also to continue our campaign and to be visible in any forms of media. This partnership with Comedy Bar will continue and more exciting episodes and hilarious acts will be expected. Watch out for the Valentine special, and the lucky ladies of comedy bar will win a Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses from the hunk Mr. Fabio..

Six Feet Long Band Rehearsal before the show

The Six Feet Long Band with the Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses

As part of our support to our local bands in the Philippines, we are sponsoring the Six Feet Long Band blending with their unique style and universal music. Watch out for the different styles of Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses as the band wear them every episodes. Check out our product model collections at

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zalvaje Eyes Performance Test

Lizard Upside Down
As part of our product research and development, we have conducted a performance test to our Grind Collections ( Sports Wear ) to emphasize the functionality of our patented Photochromic and Polarized Lenses. The performance test was facilitated by the Zalvaje Eyes Team and the Global Gutz Mountaineers. This test will help us take notes of the advantages and effectiveness of our product to deliver the preparedness, protection and high performance level of individual outdoor athletes. 

Sit Rapell

We have spent the whole morning testing different rapelling technics and safety procedures using our eyegears, with the outdoor 120 Ft. high climbing and rapelling wall, every one is excited with Mr. Petzl19. Capturing the actions with the camera piece of Mr. Norman Cruz, a sports photographer based in the United States. Good thing he's on Holiday vacation and able to join us that day. The weather was great and the sun was perfectly set, not too hot, not too cold, coz you know it is the month of January. With this month the temperature is just perfect for outdoor activities here in the Philippines, Zalvaje Eyes Home Origin.

Petzl19 is an outdoor recreational specialist with 14 years experience in training the Reserved Officers Training Corp ( ROTC ) and other Team Building Organizations. His designation as a safety marshall officer makes him a team leader. As an outdoor facilitator, safety of their students is very crucial in their field of work. And when you hire their services, their packages guarantee a 100% safe activities for your organization. He is the first product endorser and performance test officer of Zalvaje Eyes Eyegear for the year 2011. Expect more extreme outdoor activities from Petzl19 in the following months.

Zalvaje Eyes Team  from lower left: Norman Cruz ( Photographer )
Petzl19 ( Outdoor Performance Test Specialist )
Dr. Karlo Arce-Roa ( Brand Manager )
Upper Line: Global Gutz Mountaineers ( Facilitators )