Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zalvaje Eyes on Comedy Bar

Hosts: Allan K, Eugene Domingo and Fabio

The Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses teamed up with the Comedy Bar show at GMA 7 last February 5, to show our support to the said evening show and also to continue our campaign and to be visible in any forms of media. This partnership with Comedy Bar will continue and more exciting episodes and hilarious acts will be expected. Watch out for the Valentine special, and the lucky ladies of comedy bar will win a Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses from the hunk Mr. Fabio..

Six Feet Long Band Rehearsal before the show

The Six Feet Long Band with the Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses

As part of our support to our local bands in the Philippines, we are sponsoring the Six Feet Long Band blending with their unique style and universal music. Watch out for the different styles of Zalvaje Eyes Sunglasses as the band wear them every episodes. Check out our product model collections at