Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zalvaje Eyes on Chris Sports Boracay

Zalvaje Eyes Eyegear is now available at Chris Sports Shop Dmall station 2 Boracay Island Philippines. Celebrating the island Octoberfest, this is our first launch and concentrating on the island's outdoor activities. Anticipating the increase of volume of local and foreign tourists, we have prepared our line of eyewear collections to cater the needs and protect the individuals vision during their stay at the island. Expect not only the items displayed at the shop but a series of events are being drawn by the ZE Team, in and out of the Metro. We are still gearing up for the upcoming product launch in Metro Manila. The Team is just waiting for the  renovations being done by our retailers stores.

ZE Display Module ( Front View )

ZE Display Module ( Side View )

Vicinity Map

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