Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tramp1 Facilitators photo documentary

It was a great weekend, the first of the Tramp series was a real outdoor training with lots of things filled our minds. Combined members of ZE Tramping Group are ZE team, Petzl19 Facilitators, FedEx team & / Lance Pacio portraits.

This photo documentation will show the details of Tramp1, the things and moments we all shared during the two days and one night event. Enjoy while viewing these behind the scenes shots from our photographers.

At the meeting place Jollibee beside SM Fairview, first to arrived was FedEX team headed by Sir Joey, at exactly 9AM.

We ride this jeepney from Tungko market going to jump off point, but unexpected, half way through the road, the metal crank under was disconnected and we need to wait for 30 mins for the replacement ride.

Lai & Dean just chillin while waiting for the replacement jeep

And while waiting for our new ride, we met Nanay ( wearing Abacca hut ) just the other side of the road, Her house is a beautiful Nipa Hut and her compound is full of Bamboo trees. She provided us shelter and gave us bamboo stems that we needed for our outdoor survival cooking at the summit. We thank for Her warm heart and treated us like Her children. She told us that when we climb again this mountain, just drop by Her house anytime and we are very much welcome.
Thanks to " Nanay "

And just behind our stuck jeep, we met a 79 year old mountain racer biker. Tatay was so funny, keeps on bombing us jokes all the time. He had a lot of stories to tell about the place and gave us tips about mountain biking. Just realized the health benefits of outdoor sports, you conquer everything and even surpass your age. And age is just numbers, the total fitness comes from your heart and passion for your craft. 
Nice talking with "Tatay"

At the drop off point, Ate carinderia. And what are they pointing at? they just discovered their 20 years old biking photos are posted and displayed at the wall..So they are really legends of this mountain biking trails. We had our lunch here around 3PM.

New mountain biker friends at Ate carinderia
"Kain Tayo"

Rocky trail 30 mins to summit
At Mt. Balagbag summit

Who came first at Mt. Balagbag summit, our official photographer, publisher 
Mr. Lance Pacio
wearing Zalvaje Eyes Eyegear Grind Edition

More mountain biker friends at the summit

A scenic view of Sierra Madre with a rainbow,
sign of hope and colorful things ahead for us
ZE Tramping Group
At Summit sunset

Camping tent assembly before the sunset, everybody were preparing for night camp

The view of Metro Manila at sunset, the night lights were so peaceful that day

The Camp Site at night, just a little rest and preparation for our modern outdoor cooking
"Gutom na ang lahat"

Dinner & Cooking Time

Preparing hot water for Caferite Coffe

Lets drink caferite

Waited for 3 hours for the rain to stop, We had a guest climber, the mountain pussy
Just having fun...

Time to Sleep

Good night everyone, see you in the morning..

Early morning of the second day

Dean & Daniel early salute for our ZE Tramping Group Flag
Daniel is a kid native of brg. Licao Licao Rodriguez Rizal Province
Part of Sierra Madre mountain range

Breakfast Time

San Marino Tuna Paella best for outdoor activity, easy to prepare and ready to eat.

San Marino Tuna Paella, sarap sa almusal!

It's time for intro Outdoor survival 101, Basic Mountaineering course & First Aid 101

Petzl19 preparing the materials for fire creation

Petzl19 & Sir Dom lecture and demos for fire creation for outdoor survival applications 

Details of the Importance of fire creation in outdoor survival cooking

Dean Emmerich on the spot just volunteered to create his own fire using the metal fire starter 

First Aid Kit presentation and the application of each items.
The intro outdoor training completed in 2 hrs. Just an introduction of everything we need to learn
and we need to trek down as planned
Trekking Down

Edge of the summit

Petzl19, Doc Karlo & Sir Dom
and the gang

Petzl19 powered by Gatorade

Quench your thirst!

Just arrived at the drop off point, Ate carinderia
This is the end of our Tramp1 photo documentary and we hope that you've enjoyed your journey with us.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ocular Visit for Tramp1 team building activities

This was taken last Sept 22, our scheduled Tramp1 ocular visit at the proposed activity area few meters from the summit of Mt. Balagbag Rodriguez Rizal. We're having a hard time looking at the sorrounding because of zero visibility, it was a rainy and foggy day with a storm signal number 4..Heavy rainfall and slippery mud everywhere.

But we continue to do our work with no hesitations for the precise planning of Tramp1 this December. Together with our guide lead climber Mr. Lance Rapinan Pacio. To make it sure that all the participants will be having the best time and security during the climb.

Take a look closer and try to spot both of us through the fog..
have you noticed the mud?..

Monday, August 12, 2013

Solaristudio white screen set for ZE music video

Solaristudio white screen set was received from the manufacturer and the assembly is almost complete. This will be used for the Zalvaje Eyes music video commercial for additional post editing. The trial shoot scheduled next week with the cinematographers and lighting crew, and the shoot location studio probably at North Caloocan. That's the only place we owned and has a wide working area, good for Chroma shoot.

According to the Director, we will be needing several chroma shoot in this music video to be able to express the feeling of adrenaline rush so that the viewers can actually feel the action. As our theme is all about outdoor extreme sports. 80% of the footage will be shot in location initially at Bulacan mountain near Quezon City, and 20% footage will be shoot in the white screen set up. what will be the outcome of the film? nobody knows yet, only the director has the image vision.

What to expect? a lot of outdoor extreme professionals will be involve in this project, and a lot of real extreme action will be showcased in this film. The director reminded all the project crew that "even we will work in a small budgeted project does not mean that it will look cheap and empty in the end". It's all about concept creativity, originality and the passion to express your artistry in the most highest extreme level, if not, then we will not even bother to start shooting. 

The music video will be ready for 2014, watch out for teasers at, and

Friday, June 14, 2013

New music artists and producer chosen to be our new endorsers

We have just chosen our new endorsers for this year, and they will be announced soon. One is a recording artist and the other one is a music producer, that will capture the attention of the new generation.

We have decided not to published their names because we are still cooking up for their official launching on our website. Just a few days wait and always check on our website for new updates and development.

Gear up for a new exciting events, concerts in the future and don't forget to visit for news live feeds,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZE Tramping Group, the newest trekking and camping educational camp

ZE TRAMPING GROUP is the newest trekking and camping educational camp designed for family adventure and corporate team building. Our tramping facilitators are professionals and with great experience in the Philippine outdoors.

The educational camp will include seminars and real outdoor experience like basic trekking and camping skills, preliminaries of outdoors, survival techniques, Hiking terminologies. Other group activities will also be included and we will post them in the future. The tramping activity will also teach you the proper documentations like photography and videography, that will promote our awareness about our mountains and forests. These tasks will also help us in monitoring our wild outdoors and illegal logging activities in different areas in the country.

The group is currently gathering materials and we are still open for mountaineer experts who want to join our team. The more participants in climb events, much better and with good memories to keep and to tell our children. 

For inquiries on how to join and register your families and companies just PM or email us at the FF: ;
for more infos visit

Friday, March 22, 2013

Zalvaje Eyes on Bongavilla Beach Resort Cebu

Our latest editions now available at Bongavilla Beach Resort Santander Cebu Philippines. One of the best tourist spot in the country. The outdoor athletes around the globe can visit and stay for a few days to experience the resorts world class services that you will surely enjoy and remember. To know more visit

Experience the Bonga villa Spa

Souvenir Shop Display

Souvenir Shop Area

Vicinity Map