Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZE Tramping Group, the newest trekking and camping educational camp

ZE TRAMPING GROUP is the newest trekking and camping educational camp designed for family adventure and corporate team building. Our tramping facilitators are professionals and with great experience in the Philippine outdoors.

The educational camp will include seminars and real outdoor experience like basic trekking and camping skills, preliminaries of outdoors, survival techniques, Hiking terminologies. Other group activities will also be included and we will post them in the future. The tramping activity will also teach you the proper documentations like photography and videography, that will promote our awareness about our mountains and forests. These tasks will also help us in monitoring our wild outdoors and illegal logging activities in different areas in the country.

The group is currently gathering materials and we are still open for mountaineer experts who want to join our team. The more participants in climb events, much better and with good memories to keep and to tell our children. 

For inquiries on how to join and register your families and companies just PM or email us at the FF: ;
for more infos visit