Thursday, April 9, 2015

Outdoor Sports Vision

Zalvaje Eyes Team started the Outdoor Sports Vision Research last 2010, the same year that the first online website launch and authorized store launch in Boracay Aklan. This research project was the main soul of the Zalvaje Eyes products in terms of functionality and style. The team objectives are to study the different outdoor light sources, intensity, effects, temperature and the human visual biological effects. There are methods developed by the team using different disciplines that include theological optics, light and functions, physiological optics, weather and environment, global sunlight, human anatomy and chemistry with sports medicine.

For five years of outdoor sports vision research and product development, the team uses different ways and means, and outdoor sports are the main tools used for actual gathering of data. There were product testers/endorsers and their important roles and participation in the research. Their actual use of the products can give the precise data, better suggestions, positive effects and negative effects that were very useful in determining the proper formula in producing the first prototype of a certain eye wear edition.

There are different lighting conditions in specific locations around the globe. It means that there are specific eyewear functions in different countries. This is the main initial objective of the research, to determine the proper eyewear functions in different global environment and the positive effects on human vision as well as performance during the outdoor activities. Land altitude was also importantly considered all through out the research, especially there are many mountaineers around the world using the products.

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