Saturday, June 23, 2018

Agaw Agimat joining the power cast

The Agaw Agimat punk rock band joining the power cast of Zalvaje™ Endorsers 2018. With their sunglasses edition to be launch this July, and will be available online. The new sunglasses will be also available at their upcoming gig venues that will be announced in our FB page.

If you're really a punk rock supporter, get your Zalvaje™Agaw Agimat Edition Sunglasses and at the same time support the band members.

For more details on the sunglasses launching visit Agaw Agimat FB page, Instagram/zalvaje_outdoors &

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Chongkeys going strong as a Zalvaje endorser

The Chongkeys rock reggae band, our brand endorser for almost a year continue to fly high this 2018. Just launched their summer music video for "Pasyal" their latest single at 70's Bistro Anonas. Watch them at this link performs Pasyal live

Listen to their song and get a feel of good vibes

Expect more from them and new Zalvaje Chongkeys Editions for the following months ahead

Check The Chongkeys official facebookpage @