Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zalvaje Eyes partnership with Solaristudio

The partnership agreement meeting last January 2013 was very successful. The Zalvaje Eyes management has acquired 70% of Solaristudio music and film production. An independent production designed for making independent music videos and short films. The production is also geared to join film festivals nationwide and to other countries.

Solaristudio will also be the one to produce the Zalvaje Eyes first music video commercial scheduled to shoot this year. The film is full of adrenaline action, showcasing and introducing the newest sports endorsers engaged in wall rapeling, sky diving, motocross, car drifting, war games, target shooting and mixed martial arts.

We are also inviting new graduates of film making, script writers, artists and production crew to join us in making our upcoming projects in the future.

Interested individuals may send their resume and portfolios at
The website is

Lets work together and show the world what we are!