Friday, November 9, 2018

CEITEX MANILA 2018 sponsored by Zalvaje™ Outdoors

Zalvaje™Outdoors from design, manufacturing process, website applications, online purchases to item transit deliveries. Our team always use electronics and information technology to serve our customers with accuracy and precision. Together with our corporate partners, work transaction flows around the globe become smooth through IT with specific web applications designed for daily task.

We have sponsored CEITEX MANILA 2018, because we truly believe the power of IT. This new event partners are the new economic boosters for the new generation.

This event also stages our new Zalvaje™Backpacks and Trekking Sandals launching. Showcasing the outdoor innovations designed by our manufacturing engineers. From Zalvaje™Outdoors Team, we want to congratulate the CEITEX MANILA team for organizing this very successful consumer electronics and information technology exhibit.

SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!  @zalvaje_outdoors

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